Hook of Holland to Jura, France


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Hi all,
I'm planning an 8 day ride (staying at B&B) from Hook of Holland to the Jura in France. I plan to go via Maastricht, Luxembourg, Saarbrucken, Vosges, Colmar, Mulhouse, Montbeliard & Pontarlier. I've done a couple of routes using MapmyRide & Garmin Connect. Can I trust these computer generated routes as I'd like to navigate using the Garmin. I also wondered what the bike route surfaces are like as I'll be on a road bike with 25mm tyres so don't want any offroad tracks. It's my first time doing a tour so any advice would be great.


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I use Plotaroute.com but have used Mapmyride and Garmin. Plotaroute is by far the best in my opinion.

Can they be trusted?

I certainly think Plotaroute and my Garmin Touring can be trusted. You just need to get very familiar with the device and programme you are using.
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