Horrible noise from bike (I thought).....


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Pedalling along suddenly a horrible grinding noise in synch with the pedals going around :-(

Slowed the cadence then speeded it up and the noise was definitely in synch with the crank rotating .instant cloud of depression swearing to myself ,then I noticed a bike tucked in behind me drafting possibly and no doubt cursing me for adjusting the speed as he pulled past me the horrendous noise followed him up the road.

Couldnt help but chuckle.;) Hope its not to expensive for the other guy though.



But shame on you for being scalped by a clunker. :biggrin:

I had one this evening. It had just got dark and I was on a country road a few miles from home. I heard a noise in the hedge beside me, a rustle as if something was coming through the hedge. A quick glance with the head torch showed nothing, but a few yards up the road I heard it again, loud enough that it sounded like it was right next to me! I slowed down but there was nothing in the hedge and nothing behind me, so off I went again. As soon as I was back up to speed, the noise started again, and it was really starting to spook me by now. This time, however, I realised that the noise stopped as soon as I turned towards it.

Then I remembered I was wearing a different hi-viz vest. I'd gone out in a hurry and grabbed an old work vest which I hadn't done it up properly. The noise was the vest flapping in the breeze when I was up to speed but just hanging quietly whenever I stopped to look.


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I was riding in a race once and the first time I got moving really fast down a hill this terrifying whirring noise started right behind me, which really startled me. It took me a few seconds to realise that it was my race number pinned to my back and flapping in the breeze!
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