Horseshoe Pass

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Hi all,
I've just been up the horseshoe pass (stunningly beautiful even in the rain) and was wondering how it compares with other big climbs in this country. Also, how many horseshoe passes would make up, say the Alpe de Huez? I'd be interested to see how I'd cope with an Alp although it may be a year or two before I could personally try it!
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Deal, Kent
Chryal Crow climbed The Alp and she's a girl! :biggrin:

I'm led to believe that the alps are much much longer but not as steep as climbs here?

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I've never been up Alpe D'huez, but generally Alpine passes go on for much longer and are higher than any in the UK. I've been up quite a few of the high ones including the Col d'Iseran, Telegraphe, Galibier, Madelaine, Glandon Colombiere and Cormet de Roseland. The Iseran goes uphill for 50km and took me 4 hours to get to the top. In terms of steepness, the alpine climbs are generally not that steep but can kick up towards the end.

The Horseshoe compares with some of the Peak district climbs such as the Snake and Cat & Fiddle which are 2-3 miles long.


giant man said:
Horseshoe Pass is a lovely place but i have never cycled through it, want to try though!

If you ever mange to cycle 'thru it' - take picture you may make a few bob !


Snake Pass near Halifax?

I used to have a night job outside Halifax and I had to really hurry to catch the last bus back to Bradford, straight up a ludicrous hill to the main road, on foot mind

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The Snake Pass isn't near Halifax. It runs between Bamford/Ladybower reservoir and Glossop in north Derbyshire.


There are plenty of other tough climbs around here - Winnats Pass, west of Castleton. Holme Moss going SW from Holmfirth


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I haven't done the Horseshoe Pass yet despite living in North Wales. I recommend the Bealach na Ba on a circuit of the Applecross peninsula in NW Scotland. It is the highest road pass in Britain and it has great views over to Skye and Raasay on a good day.
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