Hove cyclist sues council after fall in cycle lane

Discussion in 'Commuting' started by rusky, 22 Apr 2010.

  1. dodgy

    dodgy Guru

    Good grief, that dividing kerb is crazy! It's not even painted, and that wouldn't excuse it either!
    On those grounds I'd agree that the council needs taking to task.
  2. Davywalnuts

    Davywalnuts Chief Kebab Taster

    I really dont understand the point of the raised bricks, apart from seperation from cars, but its stupid and dangerous on all counts.

    Equally, crossing over it, as it seems to have happened is stupid, and why she did we wont know, but its something I have done on a cycle path/ped path that runs along part of the A316 in Hanworth that has a "lip" where the ped path is about 1cm higher than the cycle path, and I came off, again, very stupid design but my fault for not looking or paying attention, but no where near as obvious as in this case..
  3. Arch

    Arch Married to Night Train

    Salford, UK
    I can't make a link work, but turn about 180 degrees from the previous street view. It's nuts! The double yellow runs along the kerb where there's no dividing kerb, but then there's a little piece of dividing kerb and the double yellow runs along the outside of it. What the hell is the point?

    It does look like a badly designed farce.

    In Copenhagen, there are big wide cycle lanes with very low dividing kerbs, which keep cars out (although Danish good manners also play a part). They work because they are as wide a a single car lane, on each side of the road, (so a cyclist can overtake another with plenty of room) and the kerb disappears at junctions to allow cyclists to turn across them. I wonder if someone was trying to emulate that, and failed badly?

    That said, I'm ambivalent about sueing, certainly for so much. I've want something done about the kerb, certainly.
  4. Arch

    Arch Married to Night Train

    Salford, UK
    As it's not mentioned we can but guess, but suppose you were riding along and a pedestrian or small child or dog stepped out, or a ball rolled out, or even a plastic bag blew in front of you, just at that point. You'd be pretty likely to swerve outwards, forgetting the kerb. Even if you remembered it, your instinct would be to avoid the ped etc... At a shallow angle like that, you'd be most likely to be thrown.
  5. marinyork

    marinyork Resting in suspended Animation

    Interesting use of farcilities there. You think you've seen it all and a council comes up with that :becool:.
  6. Davywalnuts

    Davywalnuts Chief Kebab Taster

    Absolutley, which makes you wonder all the more about what sort of risk assessment was done, if any, for the Council to install and waste more money on unnessesary cycling infrastructure because in my eyes, under the above situation the rider is off'd and straight under the wheels of any vehicle coming along.
  7. Arch

    Arch Married to Night Train

    Salford, UK
    I offer the phrase 'bugger all'....
  8. Davidc

    Davidc Guru

    Somerset UK
    Taking legal action, if successful, may bring the day nearer when councils ensure that all cycling infrastructure is analysed by an experienced cyclist before money is wasted installing something inherently dangerous.

    I would ride in the road there (as I did in the 80s before it was there), but that isn't as bad as some of the daft things I've seen put in by councils.

    Or am I being over optimistic?
  9. snorri

    snorri Legendary Member

    The readers comments below the newspaper article, are truly despicable.:becool::sad:
  10. How many of the "look where she is going" drivers (though I do think people ought to do this instead of blaming someone else TBH) say the same thing when some Barry Boy moans that a speed hump smashed their bodykit, or that a pothole broke their suspension?
  11. Riding in Circles

    Riding in Circles Veteran

    I think the smell of money is involved here.
  12. OP

    rusky CC Addict

    They are tame compared to other cycling articles:smile:
  13. Matthames

    Matthames Über Member

    East Sussex
    Usual diatribe posted by a minority of Argus readers with nothing better to do in their lives. ;)
  14. hackbike 666

    hackbike 666 Guest

    Yeah but i love it.:evil:
  15. Norm

    Norm Guest

    I hope that she's not trying to get a "punitive" settlement as well as damages. I'd think something closer to £4k-£5k would be appropriate for her injuries.

    Fecking ambulance chasing lawyers, despicable low life scum.
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