How big are you?

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is that before or after a ride?

is this going to descend in to the relms of that poor guy on C+ who got an erection each time he rode his bike :eek:



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Oi, Stevens!!You callin' me a fat boy?!!! :blush:

IME with Mark's sizing I wear anything between a 32" and a 34" waist med/large, but their sizes are all over the place these days, t'was a time when you could guarantee their sizes would always fit, not so nowadays, but the quality is reasonably constant.

As for next, can't say I'm overly impressed, purchased a pair of shoes once, they fell apart within a month, serves me right for abandoning my own common sense and not buying from Clarks as I usually do.

As for the 'other' size issue, never had any complaints :eek:
Patrick Stevens][quote=Mortiroloboy said:
Marks and Spencer Large :eek: Anything else is my business :blush:

Has anyone noticed how M & S sizes are bigger than anyone else's? A 30" M & S waist is 34" at Next.[/quote]

I've even got a 'small' merino jersey from M&S. If I shop at next it's XL for me. I know that's a huge difference, but they both seem extreme, I'm pretty average 5'8" and 12.5 stone, surely that'sa medium.


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Maggot said:
No, I hope not Rob, that is not what this thread is about, shocking :eek:

I am hoping to drum up some interest in advance of the big forum ride next year though :blush:

I don't know who that was Rob but I was the one who has never managed to achieve "full psi" in lycra - still haven't. :tongue:

I'm 5'11'' and about 85kg or 13st6lbs, regardless of arousal status. :laugh:
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