How cycling injuries are spiralling - a medic's view.


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Cycling Injuries
The research department in the RSA has conducted a detailed analysis of cyclist casualties in 2012.

It shows that 630 cyclists were injured that year. That is a 59pc increase on 2011. It's also a 10-year high. Just more than half the cyclists were injured on Dublin streets.

Most injuries occurred during mid-week evening and morning rush-hour as well as lunchtime. Injuries peaked from May to September.

Two-out-of-five were cycling for leisure. The majority were middle-aged men.

A large number of injuries occurred at junctions where observation for cyclists and drivers is so important.

In preparing to record his message, John mentioned that he tends to see all types of cycling-related injuries in his orthopaedic practice.

The human skeleton has 206 bones; every one of them is breakable. The chance of breaking one, or more, is higher for a cyclist falling at speed, after a high-velocity impact.

The collision figures are backed up by John. He says there is little doubt we are seeing significant increases in cycling-related injuries.

This probably has to do with the increasing popularity of cycling as a result of the bike-to-work scheme. And maybe it is the greater emphasis on cycling as a means of improving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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