How did I get 6 referrals?

Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by magnatom, 13 Jan 2008.

  1. magnatom

    magnatom Guest

    I was just looking at my profile, like you do, and noticed that I had 6 referrals. I didn't actually know what they were until I looked up the FAQ. I don't remember ever giving anyone my special referrals link, so how did that happen? Is anyone out there one of my referrals?

    I seem to be developing a strange craving to increase this number, just in case anyone has any more than me! :wacko::tongue::biggrin:
  2. Crackle

    Crackle Pah

    Perhaps clicking on the original link 6 times did it?
  3. did you invite one of the Walton sextuplets?
  4. Dave5N

    Dave5N Über Member

    Save us all the effort: what's a referral?
  5. longers

    longers Veteran

  6. OP

    magnatom Guest

    Sorry guys. I should have linked to the referrals FAQ!

    I did direct the paramedic over here, but not with any special link.

    Related to this, it would appear that the Paramedic has passed away. He suffered from Epilepsy and apparently died from Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) just before the New Year.

    I know he wound up a lot of people on here but I am sure we would all pass on our sympathies to his families and friends. No-one should die at such a young age (I think he was about 29):wacko:
  7. Dave5N

    Dave5N Über Member

    That doesn't work.

    (I just tried it six times. :wacko:)

  8. Pete

    Pete Guest

    Sorry to hear that, despite - as you say - this person's less-than-exemplary behaviour on here. Anyone else feel a sense of déjà vu here...?
  9. longers

    longers Veteran

    Crikey! 29 is no age at all. RIP.
  10. col

    col Veteran

    Not nice news,but no matter how dissagreable he may have been with some,he still had family or friends that knew him differently.Thoughts for his family and friends.
  11. Oh, poor chap. My sympathy to anyone who knew him, virtually or otherwise.
  12. snorri

    snorri Legendary Member

    Very sorry to hear.:blush:
    Just as Col said.
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