How Do I Fix Scratching Fork Suspension


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Had a bad crash last summer on the way to school and didn't come out too well... Not been on it since and looking to get it out tomorrow.

I just started having a look at it, all completely fine apart from the suspension in the forks is a bit scratchy. It is on the highest/lowest preload (can't remember which way round it is, the one that had the most bouncy suspension). It also is showing slight scratches like when the bushing is scratching it...
It is a Trek 3500

Do I oil it or something...? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Tom :smile:



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Fork scratchings?...... I love them :mrpig:

Sorry. I tried to resist.


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Cheap fork, just clean it up.

£500 plus Rock Shox or Fox air suspension, then make sure you fill in the gaps with some nail varnish and smooth off - special anodised surfaces.


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You make sure it has a long enough handle then you can fix a scratch with a fork. Seriously though I doubt anyone who didn't know it was there would even notice,relax and enjoy your ride :okay:
you wasted that joke.. I don't understand it and I feel rly stupid now :laugh:
Yeah, probably been like that for ages, just not noticed with not being on for so long. I like it on max bounciness (sorry if the technical words confuse anyone) so I might have a look at getting it a bit more fluid..


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I think the above posters have got the wrong end of the stick , I presume when he says the forks are scratchy he means ,feels rough in use,..... hence asking if he should oil them
Yeah... didn't know it meant something else :laugh:
Thanks! ^_^
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