how do i know what casette


Hi all I recently bought a Claud butler ravanna to cycle to work on but having done it twice now finding very difficult on the hills according to Strava it is 10 mile trip with a 1200 ft elevation and some of the hill are quite steep so end up walking a lot rather than riding I have put some road tyres on as I was told the mountain bike tyres will make things difficult and also got some clipless pedals and shoes but how do I know what rear cassette I have on now and what to replace it with to make hills a bit easier


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Just count the teeth on the gears or if your lucky and can see it some have a number stamped on them.
You have to also find out if its a cassette which slots onto the hub then tightens up or a freewheel which screws directly onto the hub .



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And the larger the largest sprocket on the cassette/freewheel, the lower the gearing (and the easier to get up hills - though you'll of course also be going slower...)

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Are you using all of your gears? Sorry if I'm patronising you, as I don't know your cycling ability. You should have 3 rings on the front and are you struggling when on the smallest one? If you are then changing your rear cassette isn't going to help that much as you're already running a very small gear. 1200 ft in 10 mile is quite a hilly ride and it may just be down to current fitness level. Don't walk up the hills, stop and rest for a moment then get back at it. Use an easy gear and spin your legs fast. Once again sorry if I'm telling you stuff that you already know.
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