How do i loosen the brakes before changing the inner tube?

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...yep...stoopid question number i apologise...I ned to change my front inner tube...I have been online and read up how tot do it and even watched a u toob video...but they just say "release your brakes" or loosen the brakes....then assume I know how to do that which i do not.

...I have a multi tool eager for directions....and the will to learn....I just need to know which screw to undo.....can somebody please educate this loser :tongue: :?: .
Many thanks


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Which style brakes do you have? Which bike?


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If you look at your brakes can you see a little lever that looks like the quotation mark in the top right of these reply boxes? If you can, just flick it up.


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sorry I should have said...

Front Brake
Tektro Oryz Cantis

Rear Brake
Tektro Oryz Cantis

on a dawes galaxy 2007....

I don't recall a lever (it's out in the garage and it's dark right now but I'll look again in the morning...).....

there are allen screws everywhere....I was tempted to just unscrew the cables....but thought i'd ask first.


push the brakes together and slide the cable out of the slot - there will be a round(ish) hole to which the metal "thingy" slots into and which pops out and releases the brake. It can be a bit fiddly the first few times.


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Noodley said:
It can be a bit fiddly the first few times.
Or in my case, it can be a bit fiddly after four years....

Follow what Noodley said - if you follow the ends of the v shaped wire that pulls the brakes, one end will be bolted on to the brake, the other will go into a slot, that's the quick release side.
You may not actually "need" to do this.

Providing the tyres are not particularly wide, it should be possible to simply "pinch" the tyre at the brake position and slide out.


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..aha!....cheating..I like it....all I had to do was pinch th etyre and it slipped out between the brakes fine....I manged to replace the tube ok and got the wheel back in place without touching the brakes by only inflating once the wheel was back on and I had squeezed it back through the brakes again. Most excellent. I feel better now I have done this (with all your kind help)...I reckon I could do this easy enough now even on the roadside...for a beginner I feel I have crossed an important hurdle.

As for what the problem was...well...the busted inner tube had the valve partially ripped out from the tube...must have been done by th epump, there are no other issues...I reclon the screw holding the valve in place on the tyre had worked loose and the pump was crap anyway....I dont think the tube/valve can be easily fixed so i'll ditch it and get a new spare fact I'll carry two spares .

Many thanks for all your help chaps I appreciate it.

Tim Bennet.

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Yes, I always carry two inners. On day rides because I can't be bothered to fix them and two punctures a day is not unheard of on long wet rides in the Dales. But I also carry them on tours because irreparable damage to inners or the valve is not too uncommon.

The commonest cause of damage to the base of the valve stem, is that you did not have the inner in the tyre exactly with the valve at the rim hole. It was probably displaced slightly to one side.

Do not put the valve securing nut on until you have the inner and tyre back together. Check the valve comes through the rim exactly perpendicular. If it doesn't, take one side of the tyre off and work the inner around until the valve is perfect. Only when you are certain the inner is in right should you bother with the nut. Some people don't even bother at all.

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I always carried 1 spare tube and enjoyed the nice safe smug feeling of knowing it was there. Until the first day i punctured a long way out, fixed it, and only then realised the obvious ...... so 2 for me as well unless its a quick sprint round the block.
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