How do I see how many posts someone has made (and how long they've been a member)?


To find out how many posts someone has made on the forums, and how long they've been a registered member of the site, just click on their avatar to display the popup membercard:


... will pop up the membercard:


This shows you:
  • Member since
  • Messages (posts made on the forums)
  • Likes Received
  • Trophy Points
  • Albums count

NB: clicking on the Messages number will display a list of this person's messages.

You can also use the links in the top row to visit this person's profile page, start a conversation with them, follow/unfollow or ignore/unignore them.

The last row shows when the person was last on CycleChat or what they're doing right now (if they are online).

If you'd like to jump straight to someone's profile page just click on their username underneath the avatar.

Shaun :biggrin:
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