How do I track my posts ?


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A question for someone who knows the answer !
Being new to the site, and at that annoying age where memory isn't what it used to be, I find I post a comment in a forum that has been interesting, move on and post some more somewhere else, then can't remember where the hell I started, so cant return to see if there has been any follow up. Is there a system for reminding idiots like me where we have been lurking, or do I need to write it down with the good old pen and paper?? ( I am going to write this down or I might never find out the answer, and keep going round in a never ending loop )


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a) Click on your username "Milton" - top right of page.

B) Click on "Stats" next to "About Me - approx halfway down on left.

c) Then Click on "find all posts by" or "find all threads started by(if it's your thread)"

I think this is what your looking for?:tongue:


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I like to add threads that I want to keep an eye on, not necessarily ones I've posted on, to my subscriptions folder. That's the first place I look when I come on to the site to see what's happened on those threads since last time.

Thread tools > Subscribe (I don't bother with email subscriptions)
Then will have those threads in.
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