How long do inheritance tax forms take to process?

Chris S

I am the executor of an estate. I sent in the probate and inheritance tax forms at the same time (the beginning of November). The probate office got back to me about two weeks later and I have now sworn the oath. However, they can't grant probate to me until the inheritance tax forms are processed. Does anybody know how long this normally takes?


My uncle died in January and the will is being sored by a solicitor and we are still waiting 11 months later for all the funds to be sorted.


What’s the point
Was sorted in less than 2 weeks when my mum died last year . Probate similar time. The DWP are being proper awful though.

To get the NatSavings , premium bonds and post office accounts closed and transferred they needed the pass books. And now the DWP want them as mum was overpaid by a few hundred quid as we didn’t know she had the accounts till NS did a search for us.

We got trapped in the IHT loop as couldn’t put a figure till we knew the figure but couldn’t get a money value till we got probate which needed an IHT form completed which needed ....
If there is a will should be quick but if no will “ how long is a piece of string”. I have sadly had experience of both and with no will took 16 months which the solicitor thought was fairly quick. If no will they have to wait a reasonable period which translates as over 6 months in case claimants come out of the woodwork before anything meaningful can be done. This was under Scottish law. It may be different in England.
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