How lucky is this dozy git

I think the BTP want a chat about that one.


It was a close call but perhaps looks worse than it was. At that station, you cross to the other platform over the tracks (there's a mini traffic light indicating when it's safe to cross) and the platform end slopes down towards the crossing.

He appears to have been standing, from the vid I saw from our local paper, on the equivalent of the edge of the platform at ground level, so no closer really than someone doing exactly the same on the platform itself, i.e. standing beyond the safety line which while dumb is not exactly a rare event.

The full video shows another twerp leaning his camera and tripod over the platform edge and only just getting out of the way in time.


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Nr Cambridge
Had the HST Intercity train struck him he might have henceforth been known as the Flying Scotsman :rolleyes:.
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