HOW much for a bell?

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Sheffield_Tiger said:
'Scuse us pal
That would raise the hackles.:sad:


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Why would anyone even contemplate paying 35 quid for a bell??!! Did you pick those 6 numbers for the Lottery last week or wot??!!!LOL!!
Best noise-maker for your handlebars is a horn - 3.99 in my local market! Better than a bell cos it's louder and can be heard over traffic etc. Also v useful on towpaths when you come up behind people = they can't usually hear you so a polite little 'perp' on the horn from 25 yards away usually does the trick.

Course, I have been mistaken for a duck before now.........but I suspect that wasn't entirely to do with what was fitted to my handlebars!!!

Beep beep!!!
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