How to attach an old saddle bag (see pic)?


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Hi All,

Attached is a photo of the rear of a saddle bag I first used as a teenager and is still more than usable now but I don't know how to best fix it to the bike.

I used to attach it to the seat post with a quick release strap through the leather strap on the left and the two straps on the right went through loops on the rear of the saddle. It's these upper straps that I have the problem with - I have seen the metal loops required but only on the back of a Brooks saddle and tried to get them separately from a LBS but to no avail. I looked on the Carradice website but their attaching methods seem to have completely changed.

I have no immediate need to use it but it would be nice to have the option, especially as, being a hard wearing Carradice the bag could yet out live me. I'm not going to switch to a Brooks, though many swear by them as I've new fiziks on both my road and mountain bikes.

Any suggestions as to how I can attach it, preferably via those 2 upper straps?




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You can get bolt on saddle loops from here --> they fasten to your saddle rails, or you could use tie wraps around the saddle rails to form loops for the straps to go through like I do with my Carradice Barley saddle bag.


I am not a member, I am a free man !!!!!!
Fletch456 said:
Thats great Phil. Thanks. I could use cable ties to do the same job - which I have lying around. Perfect. Thanks.
I got the bolt on loops at first but the bolts came loose and they kept falling off, so now I use some thick cable ties I use a couple on each side and carry some spares, just incase, but they have never snapped yet.

The problem with just fastening the straps round the saddle rails without using the tie wraps is that the straps are at the wrong angle and tend to twist.
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