How to carry gear on a Ice VTX


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I was just wondering how people carry there spare tubes, tools, phone etc on there Ice VTX. There's a couple of bags what T- cycles do, but with delivery cost, these are a little expensive. I only need something small for the basics.

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Can you get a tube bag to fit?
I use a slim 2 liter water bladder backpack slipped down between the seat and the rear rack/mudguard to give me storage space for my cables and locks.
I've had to drill a hole in the seat to hold the lower edge in place and the top is zip tied to the head rest
But this is on a 20/20 sprint and the bigger back wheel of the VXT may fill this space.

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Go to Tesco's and buy a "Dove toiletries for men" set - about £6.99 in my local - which comes in a nice bag about 25x15x10 cm cubed. Throw away the toiletries, use a couple of straps round the bag and hang it from the headrest. Should be big enough. You could make it more secure by sewing the straps to the bag. Make them flourescent yellow for extra safety. I quite like the smell of the toiletries if you want to dispose of them less wastefully
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