How to fit Marathon Plus tyres Hands only


We all know what an excellent tyre Marathon plus are, but a real pig to fit, which is one reason that I stopped using them as it took too long to fit and did not want a disaster happening whilst out on the road.

Well I do not know how many of you are subscribed up to RoadBikeRider, but in this weeks email is a link on how to fit tyres Hands only, with an MP4 on how to fit a Marathon Plus, looks so easy and thought I had better share it with you as its such a popular tyre, and if you break your levers fitting them out on the road, then there's only one way left to do it.


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I can re-fit mine not too bad for a novice,though they are harder work than my other tyres.
Told a friend about them being tough to fit-he had mine back on in 30 seconds-made it look so easy, the git:biggrin:


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I cheated and had the LBS fit mine when i first bought the bike,they replaced the awful stock Kenda tyres and gave me £10 off each of the M+.


Be positive. Once they're on, you'll only ever take them off to replace when worn out.

Well worth it for the severley reduced likelihood of punctures.


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I put a set of Marathon Plus tyres on my bike last night. Haven't used them before but had heard they were a bit of a pig to fit. I bought them from Spa Cycles and watched the 'how to' video on their home page before battle commenced. The guy fitted them without levers or swearing, can't say I did the same on either count but I did get the feckers on without any more bother than a regular tyre :thumbsup:


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I fitted these to a friend's bike without any hassle whatsover.

the tyres being quite thick do not like being put into the rim so tend to pop out - the trick is to squeeze the side walls at one point, locat thaet in the rim and work along both side pulling the tyre into the rim. if at any point you relase the tye, you are back to square one..... GGGRRRRRRRrrr...

I found no problem in getting them to pop over the rim, didn't even need to use use tyre levers.

This was on mountain bike rims; I can imagein it is a different story on road bike rims, them having narrower rims.
Funny this thread - I have just put one on by hand. I also watched the Spa video when it first came out and put one on another bike using that method. felt a bit uncomfortable with the tube in the tyre before getting to the rim but it was ok. The trick is the little punches around the centre of the tyre, working 'slack' to the final overlapped bead, to get the required slack for a nice crisp snap-on. :smile:
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