how versitile is your car !


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we own one of the original Citroen Picasso's (55 plate) and i am always amazed at its versitality at carring stuff , no matter what we throw at it , it always goes in .ie

can carry at least 4 adults bikes inside with fr wheels out along with 2 adults
have managed to put the tandem in a few times
all 5 seats used by adults and have had 2 bikes in ok with wheels removed but parcel tray still in place
all 5 seats used by adults and luggage for all for our yearly holiday

todays exercise was 3 adults inside and a tall wooden cd /dvd shelf unit constructed along with 2 bedside cabinets and its original shopping trolley still in place .

so as you might have guesses we are impressed , just a shame about the automic gearbox and cruise control marriage


And I thought we did well fitting three under 5's and associated paraphernalia plus camping equipment in a fiat panda some years ago.
We have a citroen ds3 now and can't even fit the tent in the boot.


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I don't have a car of my own, but Woman has a Discovery 4. It's big, tough, isn't bad to drive, and driven with a bit of care can nudge into the low 40's MPG, although low 30's is more the norm.

It swallows bikes, shopping, whole families of 7, and tiresome stuff like floods or 2 inches of show don't leave us stranded in the village. I'd have been happy with a large estate or similar (her previous 2 cars were Peugeot 3008's), but Woman is blind in one eye so the extra seat height helps a little, and with the rapidly crumbling roads the 3008's were being shaken to pieces - I don't live far from you Biggs so you'll know where I'm coming from there.

It should've been called the Land Rover Practical 3.0 V6 D, it's that useful.


Big 5 series with optional folding seats. It's brought a single bed home, bikes with front wheel off are easy. Thought I would miss my 2000 ford focus hatchback, but no worries with this beast


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Our car is very can turn into a side street.
The C4 grand Picasso has phenomenal space - 2-seater sofa in and lid shut.
Child's buggy unfolded and the child in one of the rear seats.
The C4 Picasso isn't as versatile tho but can still drop one set and get my roadie in with the front wheel off.


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Mine is OK for a saloon. Nice and long so will swallow decking boards with the front seat folded. Fine for family holidays for 4, as the boot is big, but not tall. Can't get more than two bikes inside, one in boot, one on backseat. However we have a 4 bike roof rack, takes two to lift it.

No good for furniture, appliances etc. my wife's Yaris is better for that. Being a saloon though, folding down the seats just gives you a long load area, the aperture is quite small, so no wide packages.

It's done the job well in the last 10 years I have had it.

Must be great having an MPV. Down side is family think you are the taxi service. Had a few friends that have not replaced their MPVs when change time came as some of the family took the Mickey with lifts etc.
Depends what you mean by 'versatile'
From above posts (and it's not meant as a criticism) it seems to mean 'big MPV you can get loads of stuff in'.
The most versatile car I think we have had was a MkI Polo, which could hold a silly amount of stuff for its size, very occasionally required filling with fuel, could get through almost non-existent gaps and park in the teeniest of spaces (I suspect it was narrower than the hatch of the aforementioned grande C4). Only minus for versatility was it was noisy for extended motorway driving
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