How Very Dare He!



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Let's see. At some time I've seen every Bond film, and I can tell you all the actors who played him.

I've never seen any of the Bourne ones, and had no idea Matt Damon was anything to do with them.

Sour grapes because he never got picked for Bond?;)


The Bourne films I've seen are good but nowhere near as entertaining as Bond. Bond would have him in a fight anyway.


i think bourne would have kicked roger moore, sean connery, timothy dalton and pierce brosnan's arses, but i think daniel craig would have him, so to speak.

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I think Bond is entertainment with very clear-cut baddies and values.

Bourne is more interesting (and I felt this when I read the books years ago). He's an ambivalent character, struggling to make sense of his position, loaded with deadly potential but reluctant to use it. He's a more engaging hero, but one that raises many questions. I certainly found myself thinking more after a Bourne movie than a Bond one.


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He is right, it's just that as British people we don't like foreigners saying bad things about Bond. It's like saying anything about the Royal Family, funny if it's a British person but disrespectful for any other nationality.

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Damon's a bit sloooooow, he was beaten to it ages ago.

M: Good. Because I think you're a sexist, misogynist dinosaur, a relic of the Cold War, whose boyish charms, though wasted on me, obviously appeal to that young woman I sent to evaluate you.


What Ghost Donkey said.

Also, thinking about it, why on earth was Roger Moore picked to play James Bond? I could have beaten him up, and that's saying something.
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