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How come women are so good at finding things? Just spent ages looking for my last remaining powerlink in the garage. I knew I had one still in its little ziploc bag.

Came indoors said to the missus 'have you seen a powerlink anywhere?' explained what it looked like like 2 mins later I hear 'is this what you are looking for love' Missus stands there with the missing link:smile:

Amazing how can women find things so quickly and without losing their rag?


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Because we are amazingly clever! ;)


Well...scientifically speaking women have greater peripheral vision than men as well as very slightly different thought processes so....

...but then again...


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Yarm, Cleveland
She found the missing link??????

Mate you want to get her on the cover of Archeology monthly .....they have been looking for that for years.
Im surprised it was round at your gaff though, i had always imagined it would be found on an african savanah or under the polar ice caps or milton Keynes or somewhere.


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Girls 1 Boys 0. A few weeks ago wife asked me to make the kids a drink with their tea.Had to go in cupboard for a new bottle of juice.Found a bottle of Highland Park malt whisky.What is this oh happy anniversary she says thats where i put it.Girls 1 Boys 1 .

Big Bren

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Noodley said:
She probably moved it from where you put it to begin with :sad:

Quoted for truth - they do this on purpose, to perpetuate the myth that you are an absent minded eejit who couldn't cope without them. ;)



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Think mondobongo might be right. I regularly have to get Mrs Hugo15 to find my cycling socks in the airing cupboard. A couple of minutes of me looking = no socks. A fewer seconds of Mrs Hugo15 looking = socks. I think it might be becasue she hides them ;).
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