Howdy from Sunderland


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Hello everyone,

A recent (1 year) convert to road cycling, a forty four year old, overweight, recently ceased smoker here.

I am trying to lose a bit weight and get a bit faster and have a bit more endurance, I generally do about 20 miles about 3 or 4 times a week, but am aiming at doing longer rides. The hills bloody kill me carrying the timber but I am getting a little bit stronger.

I will be looking round the forums for the odd bit of advice and probably to buy and sell as well.

Cheers, Paul.

Pat "5mph"

A kilogrammicaly challenged woman
:welcome: Paul!


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Yo Paul!
I am a newbie from Sunderland too! I have only been back on a bike for about 9 months after 25 ish years, and I love it!! Have been educated on this forum like! Very nice bunch of people on here too!!


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North Shields
Hi Paul and :welcome:, north of the Tyne here, North Shields
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