How's this for daft?

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I heard this story on the radio yesterday.

A woman caught her boyfriend in flagrante with another woman in the back of a BMW. She was so enraged by this that she took a baseball bat to the car, wrecking the lights, windows and sunroof etc. The understandably alarmed occupants called the police who arrived and apart from stopping her doing what she was doing, took no action against her whatsover as no crime had been committed.

Why? Because in her anger it slipped her mind that the car was hers.;)


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and how many women just walk around with a baseball bat?


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There have been similar but more expensive examples here in Thailand. I, as a foreigner, cannot own land in Thailand in my own name. All the land we own is in Mrs Hippo's name but she cannot sell it without my signature. I can own a house on a 30 year lease but not the land it stands on.
Some men have two brains and when it comes to girls do not use the one in their head! In some parts of the country you can build a mansion for less than £40,000. There have be instances of where the wife kicks the husband out of the home, he can't sell the house so he hires a bulldozer to demolish it. It is his property and the Police can't do anything about it.
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