HPVelotechnik Speedmachine

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Fiona N

Sadly, economics force me to sell my Speedmachine to fund the new bike so I'm offering it here first before widening the sale to YACF/Velovision etc. and Ebay.

There's an album of photos under my username so I've only put the basic one here:

The spec is as follows:
- 26/20 inch rear/front wheels, Alex semi-deep section rims with Schwalbe Marathon Slicks (in very good condition);
- Front and rear (No-squat) suspension;
- Underseat steering with variable length and tilt adjustment;
- 27 speed with Shimano derailleurs and bar-end shifters;
- Triple crankset - TA Vega with 160mm cranks - as this will not suit all, I will include the original triple with 170mm cranks so the buyer has the option at no additional expense;
- Specialized double-sided spd-compatible pedals (my addition. The standard pedals are horrible rat-trap things but the buyer is welcome to these as well if required);
- Avid BB7 front and rear mechanical disk brakes (far superior to the standard V-brakes which are badly located for wet-weather performance);
- HP Bodylink adjustable seat with head rest and choice of standard foam pad or Airflow seat pad (shown in the 'seat' photo) - seller will get both with the bike;
- Cateye wireless speedo
- HPV standard rear pannier rack and Ortlieb hardshell waterproof rack box (see 'tail box' photo) - attaching this directly to the rack means that panniers can't be used so there is also a supplementary set of pannier bars (also shown in the photo) that mount under the rack box;

If the buyer thinks they may use the Speedmachine for fast day rides without the pannier rack, I have a custom-made 'rucksac' which holds basic tools, waterproof and a 70oz Camelbak bladder suspended behind the seat but clear of the suspension and back wheel. Yours for the asking!

The whole bike is thoroughly maintained and in excellent condition - there are scratches on the side of the seat, the pannier rack and corners of the USS bars from (possibly inevitable) falls but these have all be while stationary (i.e. I lost my balance at junctions usually while craning forwards looking for cars) - no other prangs or accidents.

The total set-up would cost around £3000 new, without including the Ortlieb box and the other odds and ends, so I am looking for offers over £1750.

Delivery will be sorted out to mutual convenience

Please feel free to PM me for better/more photos and any other information. E.g. I realise I haven't put the gearing - I can't remember off-hand what the chainrings are - but it's low enough that my speed falls below practical for balancing before I run out of gears :smile:

Thanks for your interest
Fiona N

Fiona N

Withdrawn from sale :biggrin:
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