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I'm on Three and have a Desire running 2.2.

Generally happy with it except the 2.2 update has made several apps unstable (the full size weather widget often just goes blank) and a few other niggles. Speakers are terrible quality and the volume is wayyyyyy too low for media output.

I see the Desire HD is coming out....I've only had my phone five months damnit!


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I'm waiting for the Desire Z (which has the slide-out keyboard) - hopefully out within a few weeks.


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Being able to use the Desire as a wifi hotspot is extremely convenient, and for me the HD video thing is a good laugh but not essential. I haven't tried the iTunes synching yet but I can see it would be useful.

I think it's mainly supposed to be a lot more stable. Oh, and Flash 10.1 is a lot better.<br>

Is I tunes syncing with the 2.2 then ?

I am on 2.1 and can sync from Itunes using HTC sync


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FroYo magically appeared yesterday afternoon on my HTC Desire... not THAT much different I guess, but the major plus is sticking apps (those that are ready for it) on SD. Installed a couple of large apps yesterday that I've wanted to try for ages, but didn't want on the phone itself (for space reasons, obv).

Also, now I can tilt the phone right or left for landscape view (whoop-de-doo)

Oh, and the YouTube widget doesn't work properly any more
I have a Desire on Orange running 2.2. Great phone so overall rating would be 8.5/10. As some people have said, battery life isn't great but it's certainly no worse than the iPhone. Can get about 1-1.5 days worth of use out of mine between recharges (with Wifi and animated screens on).

Couple of points worth mentioning. If you get on don't get a provider customised one (i.e. T-Mobile, Orange et al). I got one (on Orange network - but without all the Orange tweaks!!) at the same time as my friend who got the Orange specific black model. He's still waiting for the 2.2 update. I've had mine about 3.5 weeks and have had a bug fix too since then!

Also the WiFi has some weaknesses. I can access the home router no problem (WPA key) but have real problems with the work router which uses a WEP key. Might be worth investigating further to see if that problem a) affects you and b) is just specific to my employer (anyone else have this experience?). As I have unlimited internet I'm not that bothered - but it depends on the deal you have!


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I've noticed an issue with the mobile data connection since the Froyo upgrade - anyone else got this?

Occasionally I notice that the 3G symbol has gone, and I'm back running on 2G and not getting any mobile data. When I go into Settings /Wireless & Networks, the Mobile Data checkbox is still checked, but it's as if it wasn't because the explanatory wording in the text box is still there. If I uncheck and check the checkbox, it turns my mobile data back on. The 3G symbol re-appears, and the text box wording changes to the single word 'Connected'.

Never had this issue before Froyo. Phone would automatically switch between my stored wifi networks when in range, and switch to 3G, H or G when not running on WiFi.

It's as if it switches off data if it loses the 3G signal rather than waiting to switch back to 3G when the signal came back. Normally though, when the data signal drops too low, I get an X beside the signal-strength bars - it doesn't show nothing.



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Sorry, but someone is going to have to explain to me what Froyo is (Lord of the Rings?)...

just a codename for Android 2.2 the Google's mobile operating system.
I'm still on my HTC magic at the moment (still running 1.6!!). However, my contract is up in a couple of months and I too noticed that the HTC Desire HD is about to be launched. :smile:

I am very, very tempted!

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There is a hack that works on the HTC Hero, may work on the Desire to prolong battery life. Go into phone:

1. Dial *#*#4636#*#* , don't press call. It should take you into the system menu
2. Go to Phone information
3. scroll down until you get to WCDMA Auto (or something similar)
4. Choose GSM PRL Auto from the list.
5. Back out using the back key
Not seen that before - interesting! I just tried it on my G1 (T-mobile) and although the menu options are all there, the effect seems to be to disable data altogether :-( Oh well ...


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Oh thanks. I've got a Desire on Virgin. Will my update just appear one day and how will I know?

When there is an update available the phone checks automatically and then notifies you.

You can also check manually by pressing MENU select Settings > About phone > System software updates and then select Check now.

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