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new hub,chain rear cassette pads cables and jockey wheels.
After all of this I can't get the bike to stay in 2,3,4 on the small front ring ( haven't tried it on the big one) lots of messing around and nothing has changed! Helppppp ease :sad:
After yesterday's long ride I cleaned it this aft and still nothing has changed.

Smokin Joe

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As you've disconnected the cable and refitted it, have a look what side of the rear mech clamp you've pulled it through. It should be wheelside. Do it on the offside and you'll never get it to index.


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What type of levers? I take it that you have checked the rear hanger for alignment, should be the first place to start, many people do not do this for some reason.


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Classic one used to be loose down tube levers. If it was cable tension would he get the gears in the first place?

Turbo Rider

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I've had that before having tried to pull the cable through tight on the rear mech. I hadn't clamped the cable down properly through the ridge on the clamp bolt (if that's what you call it), so the bolt was at an angle over the cable instead of threaded & clamped and, like Smokin Joes example, it wouldn't index at all. Tiny little tweak and it was sorted. It's usually the little things. Global Cycling Network vids on you tube are a good place to start with most things...
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