Hybrid bike ~£550 comparison

Which is right?

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Hello, I am looking at these 4 bikes as relatively budget options. I am a student so will often be cycling around a city, but would love to do some very light trails (countryside) cycling too. I really can't decide between these 4! So am looking for someone with more knowledge. Thanks so much for the help.

(1) https://www.trekbikes.com/gb/en_GB/bikes/hybrid-bikes/fitness-bikes/fx/fx-2-disc/p/27991/

(2) https://www.decathlon.co.uk/p/hybrid-bike-riverside-900/_/R-p-300794?mc=8578872&c=GREY

(3) https://www.boardmanbikes.com/gb_en/products/2343-mtx-8.6-2021.html

(4) https://www.boardmanbikes.com/gb_en/products/2365-hyb-8.6-silver-2021.html

All uphill

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Which is in stock in your size?
Which do you like best?

I would rule out numbers 2 and 3 because I would hate to cart around those heavy suspension forks.

For me , Trek.


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Personally, I would say the last one (4), though there isn't much in it between 1 and 4.

2 & 3 aren't in the equation at all. They weigh several kilos more because of the shock absorber, which is just completely unnecessary for the type of riding you say you'll do. And I'm not a fan of 1x which the Decathlon has either.

I prefer 4 to 1 because it is lighter, and I'm not convinced the triple chainset is really an advantage over the double - the range is just as wide on the double, but with a bit less overlap, and it makes the front gear changing a little more reliable.

But both of those bikes are very good value in today's market (assuming there is actual available stock in your size).


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Number 1, all day.
No. 4 is nice but those dropped seat stays, to my mind, are just fugly.

You won’t go wrong with that Trek. Obviously test ride it and make sure that it fits and you like it. Noting worse than a cracker of a bike that doesn’t fit your body type.
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