Hypoallergenic Helmets?


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I don't normally wear a helmet. The rights or wrongs of this are not for this thread however the main reason I don't normally is that I suffer from eczema and I find that wearing a helmet tends to set this off, giving me a rash on my forehead.

Now I can get around this to some extent by wearing a buff under the helmet but that is far too hot to do in summer.

Can anyone recommend a helmet that can actually help this?

My current lid is a Bell Variant, a mid range mtb / commuting helmet. While I mostly ride road bikes, the fashion faux-pas of wearing a mtb helmet with a visor doesn't bother me... 90% of my riding is commuting and when I do wear the helmet, I appreciate the visor keeping the sun or rain out of my eyes.


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I wear a Buff all year round. And in the summer find it cooling.
However I don't wear a helmet so perhaps all that plastic heats up your head.
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