I am now officially unemployed


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Colne, Lancs
This was of my own volition, by the way, as I'm off to do more Postgraduate.
Now, in the three months before I start in Manchester what can I do? So far I have:
1) Reading
2) Cycling
3) Growing a beard


Europe Endless
Cycle round Europe?


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Deal, Kent
Fab Foodie said:
In addition to the beard...

Think you need to sew some leather/faux-leather patches onto the elbows of an old tweed jacket.
Obtain sandals and wear them with socks.

Yes black thick rimed specs, brown or olive green Flaired cords...
Hairy Jock said:
Yes, absolutely, have you seen an academic with out one?
Err, ahem, 'scuse me...I don't have a beard.
Brooks saddle with massive springs, and an old leather briefcase that looks like a Scotsman's wallet... ie: old, battered, contains nothing and is hardly ever opened except to give moths the right to light...;)
(Postgrads in Madchester these days eat ciabatta at Pret a Manger...no need to carry sandwiches to 'studies' either).


I've just finished an MA at Manchester and I can assure you I never ate pret a manger ciabatta butties. Although I did live in Chorlton so there was plenty of opportunity for right on organic, hand knitted yoghurt and the like to eat while reading the Guardian.
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