I am so considering this.

each to their own but :evil:


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iAmiAdam said:
I've always said £30 > Is a bit steep for jerseys though.


Im beginning to think cyclists are being taken for mugs with some of these things. I know technology is great and all, but things can only have a certain maximum value surely? £100+ for a cycling jersey? Crazy!

IMHO :evil:
No it doesn't rofl, it's only in the simpsons. There's a duff beer one aswell.


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Big fan of Foska and their Simpsons range. I ride in a Homer "Doh!" quite often. My fave top. My fave bit of clothing in fact.
I wanted one of these jerseys - it is appropriate for me. Didn't have my size though. If you like it Adam - go for it!

I look like a bag of tish tied in the middle - so what if I am advertising something spurious? It's all good fun. :becool:

Maybe wear something ultra discreet like a Rapha, Gore or Assos F1 etc...they have reflective price tags.:laugh:
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