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I cycle because... (complete the sentence)

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by MattL, 31 Jul 2011.

  1. wheres_my_beard

    wheres_my_beard Über Member

    ... because I am too lazy to walk and the cost of developing a monorail-skateboard infrastructure is inhibitive.
  2. pepecat

    pepecat Well-Known Member

    ..... nothing beats meandering through the countryside when the sky's blue and the sun's out and all's right with the world for a couple of hours.
  3. Sara_H

    Sara_H Guru

    I love the feeling of getting somewhere by my own steam.

    Every day I cycle to work, town, anywhere......... I rejoice at the money still in my pocket rather than the greedy petrol/bus company's (yes, I'm a typical tight yorkshire woman!).
  4. wheres_my_beard

    wheres_my_beard Über Member

    Do you ride one of these? >linky<
  5. apollo179

    apollo179 Well-Known Member

    Im to poor to buy petrol.
  6. ...the whole world deserves to see me in lycra.
  7. Ellis456

    Ellis456 New Member

    Dartford, Kent
    It's my cardio, I also weight lift for my upper body.

    But again for my health and to see some nice places and get out in the open air/weather when it's nice.
  8. BrumJim

    BrumJim Poster

    .... I can't handle the Endorphins cold turkey.


    ...... I can't give up cake.
  9. R_Z

    R_Z New Member

    Doo wa diddy diddy dum diddy doo. :whistle:
  10. tiswas-steve

    tiswas-steve Über Member

    Some b#####d 2 years ago told me he had a Saracen road bike to sell and now I'm in the midst of a biking addiction with an Allez Sports and a Cube carbon beast and more cycle wear in my wardrobe than normal clothes.
  11. markharry66

    markharry66 Über Member

    because I F***K*** hate cars and gives me something to moan about (its a joke not a troll) :smile:
  12. wiggydiggy

    wiggydiggy Über Member

    Bus/Train fare is too high and the distance too low to warrant driving......
  13. Melonfish

    Melonfish Evil Genius in training.

    Warrington, UK
    because i get to get out and get some fresh air, all the bugs i can eat and save myself tonnes of money and grief on the flippin trains!
    don't have to dash out of work and hope to catch a train that can either be late or early dependant on whim of driver.
    don't have to pass through the public urinal/subway at the train station here in the Demilitarized zone estate i work in i get to pass rolling fields and get to watch em grow and i get to make my ass thinner.
  14. Wankelschrauben

    Wankelschrauben New Member

    because I like to annoy as many others as I physically can.
  15. Friz

    Friz The more you ride, the less your ass will hurt.

    That's it for me...

    Plus cycling defines me. Out here in rural Ireland I used to be "The Yank". Then it turned into "The Mad Yank." Now it seems I'm "The Mad Yank on the Bike.":tongue: