I cycled the furthest I've ever cycled today!


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Well done Joe congratulations on your first century ride. I did my first century by taking an unscheduled detour on the first stage of the London to Paris bike ride 2005 (London to Dover).

It should have been 60-something. But since then I've been bitten by the distance bug, and the furthest I've been in a single day is a smidge over 200 miles (North Lancashire and Lake District). It gets easier - honest.

It does sound like you nearly bonked, you need to keep those calories coming- they're cyclist fuel.

unscheduled detour = missed a sign and got lost for a bit then had to backtrack.

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Smokin Joe said:
I bet your wrist ached for a while.
All of me was aching, but the nether regions were also very tender and it was a while before I could do it again.
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