I didn't think this was possible


But I'm actually fed up of looking for a new bike. I've looked into:

Planet X - crap photos and a lack of feedback, though seems good value.

Scott CR1 team - apparently a great frame but still going at full retail price and I'm just not inspired by it.

06 Madone 5.2 decent price, not super bargain, but again I just don't seem exited by it (maybe because it's not mine) but think I could be.

Kuota Kharma (Ultegra) - a contender, not in stock in my size and I haven't tested it.

Kuota Kebel - as Kharma.

Orbea Onix - test ride booked, I feel an urge to hand my credit card to the lbs owner when looking at it - though I suspect the one in stock may be a bit too big.

Back to Uni in 2 weeks, then it will soon be winter , If I don't buy it now it'll never happen! But indecision is reigning supreme and there seems to be a shortage of bikes in the 52/54 cm range. god my patience is wearing thin!


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Don't buy what doesn't speak to you!!! A bike should make you want to ride it - everytime you look at it. You might be suffering the symptoms of marketing BS; when you do the research they all start to seem similar and it's difficult to decide which way to go with your decision.

Take a week or two off then come back and think and re-evaluate the evidence and what sort of bike and mix of components and wheels etc you really are looking for. A couple of weeks won't kill you.

Oh, and a bike shop that just wants to sell you what they have in stock and won't go looking for a suitable model in your size isn't a bike shop you need to frequent. Bear in mind the quality of support you'll get from all potential suppliers.

I bought my dream bike from an interstate custom builder but had total confidence in his abilities. My wheels were bought through the LBS (though I could have got them $350 cheaper online) because I wanted them to stand up for me should anything go wrong. They understood the deal and agreed, I got exactly what I wanted, and that was nearly 4 years ago. Needless to say, the wheels have been flawless, but what price that confidence, eh?

Good luck with your quest.


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I can't comment on any of those bikes other than to say that my dealings with On One (Planet X's sister company) have been entirely pleasant.

But I reckon Rustychisel is right. Don't buy just because you feel under time pressure to do so. Hope when you find the right bike it's a match made in heaven. :biggrin:


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Michael, just to follow on from the last thread, I got my alta carbon for £999 instead of £1399. might be worth looking into


A new bike? Tells me you already have a bike, and it sounds as though you are quite happy with it.

If the money is burning a hole in your pocket, why not try a different kind of bike? Recumbents are terrific fun, for example...


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I would follow NickM's advice - if you're at uni and it has a cycling club, if you want to buy, why not get a bike to take part in another section of the club like mountain biking or track?

It isn't for me to comment on anybody's financial situation, but all of those bikes listed would have eaten up 1 term's student loan for me last year.

Wouldn't you feel as good with bling wheels? A pair of deeper section wheels, clip on tribars and a helmet would set you up nicely for BUSA TTs where there are more events than the one RR.

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I was looking at a Scott CR1 at £1549 but ended up getting a Scott CR1 Pro reduced from £1899 to £1399. I'm very happy with it. It flies!


Different bike - Have a Pompino fixed, and a Cove Stiffee mtb.

My road bike is an 02 Lemond steel frame. It's quite heavy by todays standards. I lost 7kg over the summer and fancy a fast bike for the club runs.

As for the Uni thing - mature student on a pension.

The Trek & Scott are fine I'm sure, but they just don't "speak" to me. The Orbea was good - but I could do with a smaller frame, which would put the price up :biggrin:

The search continues.....


I've recently completed looking for a new bike (sadly not quite in the category of the bikes you lot are talking about) and was looking for a second hand one initially. I found a nice looking bike on Gumtree within my budget and contacted the owner who suggested I come round and try it out. Subsequently I did a bit of research and realised this was an S-works Specialized Tarmac road bike which can retail for £1,000's (I think I saw one for £4k somewhere). I was tempted for a second to try it out before coming to the obvious conclusion that it must be stolen.
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