I flippin hate those companies that phone you about an accident you...


I was right about that saddle
...had a year ago.

I have had 12 calls in 12 months from the same *****holes.

I don't have a number blocker, so instead my phone flashes their name which reads

"Don't answer"

Thing is, I do answer and I let them listen to me working for a couple of minutes.


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I had such a call recently about an accident I had.

Except I've never had accident. Chumps.


I get calls for ppi,accident,noise industrial injuries,and lots of sales and survey calls.
thats the down side of having 2 websites.
ive never had ppi. car accident in94..
I can have 5+ a day home and mobile...


I've run away with my friends to..
...New Tealandia
I just ask 'which accident was that then' and leave them trying to explain about my accident. I ask pertinent questions such as 'tell me when my accident was'. They generally go away.
Make it fun...

I had a wonderful conversation about how I had fallen exiting an aircraft

They were delighted and started asking all sorts of questions, kept them talking for about 20 minutes about compensation

They lost interest when I asked if it the claim would be affected if I admitted not wearing a parachute when i jumped at 20,00 feet and had died on impact with the ground

They hung up for some reason


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I still get the odd one coming through the blocker and my mobile's Caller ID. I have a stock answer which works well.

I ask:-
'Is that the one where I rammed the Police car or the one where I ran into the bus queue?'

The usual answer is a delight as the numpty on the other end almost always says:-

My reply after that is:-
'Well of you can't make your mind up. Goodbye!' and I ring off.
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