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I've never owned an Allez but from all accounts it seems to be a good starter bike. I'm just over 5ft 9in (5ft 9 &1/4in) and the bikefit I had done professionally recommends a 56cm. I've also used an online fit www.wrenchscience.com which agrees.
Don't buy a bike with that geometry without being allowed a test ride, even a brief one

It may be a bit more twitchy than you are used to (you get used to that)
You may find your foot contacts the front tyre ( you can get used to that or you might not)


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I will hopefully be viewing the bike and test riding sometime in the next week so I shall see how that goes.


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Current Specialized Allez came top of a recent Cycling Active survey on £500 bikes. I've got one - like it. I agree that it is a lot more lively than my previous bike, but that was a cheap hunk of scrap metal. According to the experts, fairly placid, which means that I wouldn't want to try a full-on twitch machine.

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My brother's got a 2009 Allez, and he loves it. All-day rides no problem. As I type this he's probably halfway to Burnsall.

He had it 'fitted' to him at the posh Specialized shop in Harrogate.
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