I hate Chavs

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..in fact I am going to declare war on them soon.

It's been cold out these last three days and i have been riding in full winter kit, including balaclava. Today I was riding up a long drag of a hill, the strong north wind is against me and there is heavy traffic giving no quarter.

walking down the hill come this chav couple...she is sporting a delightful old faded pink tracksuit, trainers, with her unkept hair up in a bob and a fag hanging out of the corner of her gob....he's got a ski cap on and a winter jacket...boith have gloves on.

As i pass them she calls out..." Oi! look at him...(meaning moi)...f5*kin' wimp!"

I stopped, and asked her if she had something to say to me...at which point the male of the species got all shirty and told me to f&ck off and other such peasantries. I asked her what the furthest she's ever ridden on a bike was in a day...she looked at me and grunted when i told her that I ride 25 miles a day at least and I have a right to keep warm...then she told me to f of again...at this point i had decided they weren't worth it and set off again....but honestly, there are some serious low life morons out there.

Two minutes later I dam nearly got splatted across the road by another chavvy oik in a van...tossers the lot of them.

I hate chavs...what a poor example of humanity.


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Is you dissin' me?


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You will always be better off ignoring/blanking these 'people' rather than engaging with them.


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The current crop are the tip of the iceberg, what are the current 8 year olds going to be like in 4 or 5 years time and what are the children they produce going to be like? One of my customers late fifties says he is glad to be shuffling off in the near future as the world is screwed and getting stupider by the day.

Are they not a product of a failing society? In most cases they do not know any better brought up by parents with no interest in them an education system that is happy to see them bunk off as they are less of a problem. A Justice system that fails to deter people from crime with poor sentencing. I am not a bleeding heart liberal, but a realist in a society of want and greed it is no surprise that we have bred a new lower class of have nots. History repeats itself and we now back heading back to the Victorian days of the Gin Palace when the lower class was indeed low.
quote' I asked her what the furthest she's ever ridden on a bike was in a day'
i would have thought no where near as many miles as the local chavs have riden her...next time you get the male of the chav species defending just tell him to keep his dog on a leash before she gets bitten!


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One thing that gets my goat is when people defending chavs say it's a working class prejudice.

NO!! Chav != Working Class.

Most of my family are what you'd call working class and they certainly aren't chavs!


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Bromley, Kent
One time on the train home this small group of chavvy b'stards got on the train. They was making a bit of noise but nothing you couldn't ignore. Then one bloke disided to engage in them and told them he was a copper. they asked him to show them his badge which as a mug he proceded to do, only to pull out his train pass and try and fob it off as a police badge making him look an even bigger mug. the chavs took the pi$$ out if him all the way home
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