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Hello everyone, my name is steve, I am 34, and come from Somerset.
I Have recently been inspired to start cycling by some work mates. I purchased a giant defy 3.5 last week. My target is to join my workmates in a cycle ride ( not race, however it does turn in to a race once the testosterone gets flowing) which covers around 400 miles over 4 days. My main target is to keep up with them, but ultimatley beat them too. They are very experienced road bikers and averaged 22.2 mph for each 100 mile stage.
I have given myself a year to try and get too a similar level so I can at least match them. Training won't be a problem as I am very focused on what I want to achieve. My work mates reckon I have set my goals way to high, but this encourages me to prove them wrong.
My problem is I have very little experience on road bikes and appropiate trainning, coupled with being overweight at the moment.
I am currently looking through the forum for old posts on how people train which so far is proving quite inspiring.
That is what my goal is, a little about me.
Steve, 34 years old, married with 1 daughter. I am in the royal navy and based in Somerset as a helicopter engineer. Rarely drink but I do smoke. Injured myself around a year ago playing football, and since have gone 3 stone overweight. Injury is almost cleared up which is allowing me to train again and it won't take long to shift the bulge. I used to bike alot as a youngster but after passing car and motorbike tests I seemed to forget that I had legs. The recent trainning I have been doing has reminded me why I used to cycle everywhere.
So I look forward to posting here and keep you upto date with my trainning.
Thanks for having me

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Hi Steve

Welcome to the forums

You'll should easily achive what you intend to do in a year, its just a matter of getting out on the bike as often as possible and building up the muscle and fitness levels.

Plus the more weight you'll loose the more easier distance and speed will become as your fitness level increases, but remember rest is also important, dont go all out and end up with a long term injury.

set a distance target each week (say 20 miles per outing) two or three times a week (if fitness allows) then build on that the following week by adding 5 mile extra, you'll soon be covering the distance before the year is out

As with everything, the more you do the more you learn and the more experienced you'll become at it, its the same with cycling, your road craft will build in time :angry:

best wishes


I personally think you will struggle averaging 22mph over 400 miles with just a year's training (taking the winter into account) - but it largely depends on how quickly you can get the legs to muscle up.

The key areas are:

1. You must get your pedalling style sorted out straight away so as to develop the necessary muscles - ask your mates about this.

2. A better frame ( not that the Giant is bad but rather there are lighter and stiffer).

3. Even with the frame a good pair of wheels/tyres will help enormously - again ask your mates but as a rough guide £300 upwards will get you a decent pair.

4. Diet in order to promote muscle development.

Good luck.



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Hi Steve - welcome to CC.

To build up to 4 consecutive days of 4.5 hour centuries in just one year sounds like a very tough target to me!

You'll have to...
  • Somehow find enough free time for training despite the demands of your work and family.
  • Put that training in without overtraining!
  • Get the surplus weight off.
  • And most important of all - Give Up Smoking!

Good luck to you! :thumbsup:

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Thanks for the encouraging welcome. I am yet to sort a decent training plan, but for this first month my main goal is to get back some decent fitness. I'm cycling to work which is a 17 mile round journey, at a steady pace I'm doing 8.5 miles in around 25 minutes. then in to swimming pool before starting work for a leisurly swim for 20 minutes. Next week I intend to do some work on my upperbody at dinner times. But for the time being I am mainly fat burning (using a heart rate monitor) whilst trying to build a little more leg muscle, and the swimminig helps my breathing. I am just taking It easy at the moment, but also listening to my body, if my legs are aching then I'll take the motor bike to work.
Had my first experience on the bike trainer today and knocked a good hour. Training should not be too much of a problem, having most facilities on my base is a good luxury.
I have some photos on my website of the cycle ride that my friends did, if you have a look at " daves 2nd fan page" you'll see some pictures of a bent cannondale, and a very bruised backside. Www.diddydave.net
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