I have just bought a Ridgeback Element to do the London to Brighton and London to Cambrige


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I have just started commuting to work 6.5 miles each way after not cycling for 10 year.

I am after any advice I can get on diet or cycling. I have started a blog to plot my discoveries along the way. It is at http://breatnac.blogspot.com/

I have signed up for the London to Cambridge cycle ride in July and the London to Brighton cycle ride in July.

I have started getting sponsorship for the London to Cambridge, if you have any advice about any of these issues please either reply to this or add a comment to my blog.

Many Thanks



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South Beds.
Hi there,

The bike you have should be pretty effective having a blend of thinner tyres which are fast than big knobbly ones as you would expect.
You have the range of gears to get you up the hills too.
I would perhaps advise on spending money on a comfortable saddle as on long rides you'll really notice any discomforts that a saddle gives.

With regards to your diet it's difficult to say without knowing some of your stats but I would say that to lose weight and build fitness you need to combine diet with exercise......as you are wanting to do.
Plenty of fruit and veg, protein and carbs for energy with sufficient intake of fats.
I would eat cereals too as they contain vitamins you need. Do you have a sedentary job? If so...do you need to eat as much as your are doing?
Diffuclt to say much more without knowing more about you.

With regards to exercise advise I would start off gently and don't over do any exercise straight away. You'll get fitter before the weight drops off.
You may want to consult your doctor before you carry out strenuous exercise.

To be honest you should be fine covering those distances. Just ease into the miles each week and try to cover a certain distance per week....then say 10 miles more the next week and so on.
You only need to go along at your pace......and if you need to stop to rest then do so...its perfectly fine.
Maintaining energy and fluid levels whilst training and doing longer rides is essential. Always take plenty of fluids on board and do this before you feel thirsty...or you will suffer with cramps and then run out of energy completely. Carrying snacks and whatever food you can carry on longer rides will help keep energy levels up.

Long steady rides will help you with your endurance too.....just pace yourself and feel comfortable at the pace you are doing. Your endurance Will come to you quite quickly.

Above all though, enjoy yourself. Look forward to the events ahead...be prepared and set yourself just one realistic goal. If its only to finish then so be it. Be proud of what you have done and then set yourself a new target for the future.:thumbsup:
Hi and well done!
I was in about the same position last year and took up cycling, I did the LtoB with no problem and really enjoyed the day (I am 47 and was very unfit)
You have plenty of time to build up to it especialy if you bike to work. Try and get up to a few 25 milers at the weekend and then you will do it no problem. You will see once you start that you are streets ahead of about 50% of the LtoB crowd as there will be loads walking up the first small upward slope you get to!

Enjoy it and try to get a cycling buddy (fit blonde does the trick for me) to help you get out there when the first flush of keenness wears off a bit.

Also keep a record of your rides (where, how far, time) and you will see yourself implrove.

I did it on a mountain bike with road tyres but you are ahead with your new machine.

I am aiming for Norwich 100 mile this year.
Nice bike. Make sure you get some comfortable shorts and some well cushioned gloves, both take the strain off aching bits! You'll get to Brighton without any trouble, but set yourself a little(?) challenge, ride up Ditchling Beacon...
I'll probably be in my cycle cop mode in Brighton directing traffic and getting very hoarse. Good luck.
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