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Hello Everyone!
I recently purchased an old Peugeot with the intention of fixing it up and using it often; perhaps even commuting the short distance to and from work.
I know nothing about this bike. It appears to have Simplex gears, MAFAC Competition Brakes. Here is a picture of it. It’s a bit rusty; but I believe it can be fixed up; nothing major. Perhaps even powder coating and re-decaling it.
I used to have an old Peugeot in the 90’s growing up; so I am nostalgic with this cycle. I am not concerned about the cost; I just want it to be great; a labor of love. Thanks again for the advice!!



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Not an expert on old pugs but I think it’s a PX10, middle to late sixties? I’m sure others can add more. Decent bike and well worth restoring to give it another lease of life. If you want to go the whole hog, powder coating etc it could be quite costly, maybe do the mechanicals and go from there.
Things to watch out for are weird french threads and sizes and Helicomatic hubs.
I assume you’re of small stature as it’s a very small frame.


More information here about the model. There were many variations:


Good luck.
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Ill plump with middish 70's to ealy 80's, judging by the QR's and brakes, but happen to be proven wrong as more info comes to light.

Low range, low spec, not really worth much, of little inerest as a 'classic', but probably a very decent machine to ride. It looks intact and fairly decent nick under the grime, so a strip, clean, re grease, new cables, tyres, tubes and brake blocks should have it rolling well.

More photos, particularly of the rear mech, and a frame number would help to narrow down the age.
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