I pity the fooooool!


the tank engine
cycling along quite a busy main road earlier. There is a cycle path, which I was semi using. ... It was full of dust, but I was either on the line, or just over it when not in it.

Anyway, all going fine. I then hear a honk a couple cars back couple. I ignore it, the car behind overtakes...then the next car comes past on the horn.

I think I make some appropriate hand gesture. I carry on and catch him up at a mini roundabout, where he asks if I know what cycle lanes are for....before he turns off at the next junction, without signalling.

I ask if he knows what indicators are for, before carrying on

should have a video, but you'll have to wait for that :sad:


Ignore them. As annoying as they are, they're not worth the hassle. Me smug in that you're healthier and a better person by not reacting.

Couple of weeks ago my local authority had roadsweepers out cleaning the roadsides. The cycle lanes were a joy, until the rain and the wind of the past few days washed everything to the side again.
Oh, oh, Thomas. Not using the cycle lane, tsk, tsk. You'll have the cycle police on at you about that.....:biggrin:
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