I put a bet on!


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I only ever place a bet on the Grand National, but this year I felt compelled to have a flutter on the TdF! Mr BP & I were discussing it last night and we thought it might add a little interest if there was money at stake, so I spotted a bookies this morning and headed in.

I never feel comfortable in those places, but I headed to the lady cashier with a cheery "hello" and enquired after the odds which she provided after a thorough search of her in-house interweb service. I placed £5 to win on Andy Schleck at 13-2 and another £5 on Lance at 10-1 (I know, I know, but I like him!)

It may be £10 down the pan, but I am quite excited at the outside chance of a little windfall, and I am sure Mr BP will treat me to a fish supper if he wins!


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I've had £5.00 on Bradley Wiggins to be in the top 3, and £5.00 on Cav for the green jersey "COME ON THE BRITS"
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