I seek Enlightenment & a Gios Torino Pro


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Hi guys/girls..

I have only posted once here due to my dire to none existent knowledge of the old stuff.

Basically I ask 2 or 3 questions.

I am lusting after a Gios Torino Pro or Torino Record....

this could be frame & forks or a complete bike, with the caveat that I want to run it with modern parts & it must be mint or near as damn it.

1. I am 6ft dead on with a 33" inseam, what frame size am I looking at in inches & cm please ? (I was thinking 57cm)

2. How many of these £££ for the best examples ?

3. I know someone on CC has one or had one, anyone remember who ? I am looking for good sources of info.

Thanks all.


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There may be a few fish fingers in it for you...
Only a few!
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