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For quite a few years, I've been considering keeping bees. I've always been put off the idea, 'cos of the 'faff' of having to smoke the bees, dismantle the hive, remove the honeycombs and then extract the honey with a centrifugal extractor.


This ^^^ newly invented hive, makes the process much easier; with the turn of a lever, the honeycomb cells open and the honey drains down to a pipe at the back of the hive, directly into a container - job done !

(When the lever is turned back, the honeycomb cells are reset and ready to be refilled with honey).

I wonder how much it might cost and when it'll be available, I'd really like one of these hives.


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I hope you don't have neighbours!


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My Father kept bees all his life. He tried to get me interested but other than giving him a hand now and then I couldnt be bothered with the faff.

The cells are normally sealed over with wax The frames are spun at high speed to force the honey out. Wonder how this works ? Just tilting the frame wouldnt do it.

Neighbours arent a problem provided you have high fences or hedges to get them up high before they fly off. Problem is you will get blamed for every bee or even wasp sting for miles around .


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One of my favourite films is about a beekeeper - Ulee's Gold starring Peter Fonda, if you haven't seen it you're really missing out on what film was invented for.

Back to the bees...


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$600 plus postage from USA plus you've got to buy the bees (they don't just sort of arrive naturally do they?)

Not a economic venture although I do blob a fair bit of honey in my porridge. But as a pastime that presumably has environmental benefits I'm rather interested. Not having to dress like I'm an Ebola doctor to service the hive sounds appealing too


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Look for a local bee keeping club or summat... There'll be one nearby probably. They will also tell you a good place to buy a bunch of bees and other kit.
After all, you don't want to get stung on the price, eh!
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