Ice Aventure 2 suspension Rear end (possible sale) 20 Inch

Discussion in 'Recumbents, Trikes and HPVs' started by billym0404, 3 Apr 2018.

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    Ice Adventure 2 suspension Rear end (possible sale)

    so i'm thinking of changing to a 26 inch none suspension rear.

    so i have a red and a blur 20 inch suspension rear end, now speaking to ice today they say it will also fit the older silver rear end models. so available

    1 - 20 inch rear suspension back end, just the frame but i will include the mudguard.

    2 - 20 inch rear wheel

    3 - full suspension saddle bag rack,

    with the wheel and rack probably around £800 worth.

    anyone intrested contact me as i can decide what to do.

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