I'd like to try a Flevo bendy-in-the-middle bike!


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Scottish Borders
Hi everyone, this is my first ever posting so be gentle with me.
I've ridden recumbents for quite a few years now and still haven't even seen a bendy Flevo, never mind tried one.
Does anyone have one or know of someone who does and could I please have a go?

I live in the Scottish Borders, TD14 but don't let distance daunt the possibility of helping this to happen.

Thanks for any info you may offer,
Cheers, Steve.


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On the basis that you've been 'around a bit', the point that you've never seen a bendy Flevo does say something about it's 'popularity'. On these fair highways & byways of Norfolk, a 'bent of any description is uncommon. I probably see about one every couple of months and they're usually the same one or two.


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Well, you don’t seem to have got much come-back on this one! I don’t have a Flevo for you to try, but a few reflections that might help: I have actually laid eyes on one ‘in the flesh’, many years ago. I didn’t get to throw a leg over it, but then again, I didn’t feel much urge to do so. My reluctance was not so much the weird steering arrangements, as the build. Close up, it looked pretty heavy and ‘agricultural’, and the wheels and components were toward the heavy artillery end of traditional Dutch bikes. Of course you could build a frame up with any components you like, but the square tube still looks a bit Forth Bridge. I’ve nothing against ugly lookin bikes -I own a particularly ratty Linear after all, but the Flevo looks like it would be hard work.
If you are interested in the ‘articulated frame’ steering principle, take a look at what are generically called ‘python’ bikes. (You could think of the Flevo as a ‘highracer’ format python.) There are some good plans for homebuild pythons on line, and some good homebuilt examples have surfaced on eBay from time to time. Descriptions of learning to ride them tend to be entertaining . . .
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