Identifying a freehub body


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Good morning.

I've got a Forme Calver CX Sport Cyclocross bike and after 6 months the bearings inside seem shot. It had completely seized and although I have now freed it up there is a good few mm of play meaning the cassette wobbles. The bearings also rattle when shaken so I guess a new one is in order.

The problem is that Forme don't answer emails and don't have a phone number. The dealer, Rutland Cycles was none to helpful either.

So I was wondering if anyone could help me identifying the part from my pictures. It seems like Giant have a similar design but they all use cup and cone, while this uses cartridge bearings.

Thanks for any help.
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This is very similar to a Shimano design but then, these things all look alike until you actually put two next to each other. It will be much easier to identify the hub though. Post a picture of that with some clues and we can try and approach the problem from that way.
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