if commuter racing, give cycle lanes a miss.

Discussion in 'Commuting' started by bonj2, 28 Feb 2008.

  1. bonj2

    bonj2 Guest

    good bit of "commuter racing" going on today, coming through unstone (long gentle uphill) a fella on a 'roadie-ised' mtb in front, i'm decidedly gaining on him (before he knows i'm there), but as i come up right behind him as we get to dronfield he speeds up massively! I think it might be something to do with that the same guy saw me overtake him yesterday so when he saw me today decided to put up a bit of a fight...

    anyhow he pedals on to such an extent that he was gaining a bit of a lead again, but then before the roundabout (quite a big one but not too difficult) he pulls over to the right and gets in the cycle lane! (which incidentally i wasn't aware even existed) and on the little hill up to meadowhead, i see him waiting at the end of the cycle lane for the traffic to pass, traffic which I was one of! ha!
    So the moral of the story quite clear on this one i should hope.

    and OT, but just thought i'd share: then coming down chesterfield road (downhill enough to be doing 30+) one of these volvo estate ambulances pulls out and all the cars obliviously pull over left! as they do..., but i'm anticipating them all as soon as i hear the siren, which is before they did, so i spy my perfect opportunity to get in his slipstream and get in 'super-primary' (read: 6 inches left of centre line) and literally ragged it past about 10 cars! cheers mr ambulance...

    coming through unstone (long gentle uphill) a fella on a 'road-ised' mtb in front and i'm catching him quite rapidly, but when I get behind him as we get to dronfield
  2. I think im too old for this now.(and too slow)
  3. andygates

    andygates New Member

    You're never too old to play in traffic!
  4. Tynan

    Tynan Veteran

    all sounds very dashing and cavalier for you bonj

    doing rather well myself of late on the rapidly decaying carcass of the old banger

    in prep for four weeks time when the new ride arrives and I'll have no excuse other than a pannier to kick arse

    ooo, and interesting incident last night, turned left onto the bit south of Eversholt street, bus lane, in time to see an older lady in duffle coat get her secondary position brutally cut up by a bus and then a truck, I passed her and as I approached the lights shot through a rather narrow and long gap between a bus and a stupid 4x4, timing my run to get to the stop line for the green light, bit larey but I had plenty in hand if a sudden sprint was called for

    as I did it I thought, 'don't follow me, you won;t make it', I got it spot on and then heard her screech as presumably the crooked 4x4 rolled off and closed the gap

    anyhow, stopped at the lights next to Euston bus garage, in primary in the left lane which is really a left turn into the bus garage, a little later I hear a noise of annoyance and then same duffle coat woman runs the light up my inside and says 'keep going' in a rather annoyed way

    first time I've been chastised for stopping although I have been expecting it for some time now
  5. nilling

    nilling Über Member

    Preston, UK
    Drafting ambulances - that's a new one on me! :becool:
  6. magnatom

    magnatom Guest

    Chasing ambulances......mmmmm, you don't work on a no win no fee basis do you bonj? :becool::ohmy:
  7. marinyork

    marinyork Resting in suspended Animation

    Absolutely. No point using a cycle lane in those areas bonj. I don't commute through them but they are on some of my cycle routes. I think the dronfield-unstone/coal aston area is great.
  8. domtyler

    domtyler Über Member

    I always love the sound of a siren approaching from behind as that means I will be able to draft them through all that traffic, works very well in rush hour.
  9. OP

    bonj2 Guest

    what do you mean, for me? :angry: :biggrin:
    cheeky get! :blush:
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