If I gave you £700


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If I gave you £700 for a road bike which would you buy?

I've been looking at treks and specialized allez but any other suggestions are appreciated.



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Or if you fancy an adventure into fixed/singlespeed, £700 will get you a Condor Pista with £1 left for an ice-cream.

You probably don't though so I'd say the Tricross seems popular at that price point. Apparently it can be hard to get hold of.


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If you gave me £700 for a road bike i'd buy a Macbook.

There's a lot of choice of good bikes at that price, I'd probably choose based on what my local dealer(s) had that I could try out. And I'd find out when they are getting their 2008 bikes in- bargains galore after that for last year's bikes (usually around mid to end August at my LBS)
Someting with a full carbon frame, forks, seatpost, not bothered about about wheels and groupset as for 700 you get rubbish anyway.

So I would get a good frame and build on it cos its 100% sure that your allways going to spend more cash on your bike...do you ken that big man :eek:


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£700, can't get anything decent with £700.
Nope....so save your money ta... :whistle:;)
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