If it ain't broke don't fix it???

Have posted a couple of times (so sorry if I'm boring you) to say that I just bought my first (I would call) proper road bike (Triban 3). Have been out now a couple of times and love the bike. As it was such a good bargain, in the back of my mind I feel like I should upgrade a couple of bits (have already put my M520 pedals on). Saw a couple of posts saying that a saddle upgrade would be worthwhile.
Thing is that I think the original saddle is ok. Only cycled 20 miles today but felt reasonable comfortable but not sure if I'm missing a trick and if I bought a more comfortable saddle it might be one of those lightbulb moments.
Any suggestions? Was thinking about a Charge Spoon as they seem v good value and reviews say that they're comfortable.
p.s. Sorry if this is a no-brainer and I should stick with the original but wondering if the grass is greener!


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If is feels comfortable, why change it, now if it were a pain in the arse go for it

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As above (and in the title of your thread) - if it works for you stick with it.
It's very easy to get drawn into changing components just for the name on the lable especially when you hear somebody else criticise the components you've got fitted because they didn't get on with them.
Enjoy your riding and save your money for when something really does need changing :thumbsup:


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People generally suggest saddle upgrades because everyone is different and thus a high percentage wont get on with the stock saddle, but if you do get on with that saddle, there is no point in changing it.

If you are itching to spend money, tyres is where I would be looking to piss away the pennies. A nice set of tyres and light inners is probably the most cost effective improvement that can be had.


Thanks for the advice everyone. Think I'll stick with it and see how it goes over the next few weeks. Any suggestions for tyres?
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