If you could be anyone ..

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I'd like to have been someone like John Lennon or Elvis Presley in the early days. Or maybe Keith Richards. Imagine being responsible for shaping rock and pop music as we know it, and just doing it by making it all up as you go along.
Either that or maybe Juan Manuel Fangio or Stirling Moss.
But generally I'm pretty happy being me.:biggrin:
Being a crew member on Captain Cook's expedition to Australia and making the way into what is now Sydney Harbour!
No traffic, rubbish, houses, people (except for a welcoming committee of locals), polution etc. If you've been to Sydney you'll know what I mean, and it's as good as it is after 250-ish years of 'civilisation'!

I like me, as well, which is just as well. :biggrin:


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Tommy Stack riding Red Rum to his 3rd Grand National win in 1977

or if I'm allowed a fictional character I'd like to be Wendy from 'Peter Pan' or more specifically the 2003 movie version (or at least the version of it that regularly plays out in my head).


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I'd like to be Alan Tracy. Not only would I get to pilot Thunderbird Three but I'd also get to make out with Tin Tin (the daughter of Karano NOT the Belgian journalist!)


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cyclingfury said:
I'd also get to make out with Tin Tin (the daughter of Karano NOT the Belgian journalist!)

There are strings attached to that assignation :biggrin:


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I wouldn't want to BE anybody but me...but I would like to do what others do/have done:

Yngwie Malmsteen
Ritchie Blackmore
Ellen McCarthy
Jacques Cousteau
Peter North:ohmy:;)


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[/QUDidn't know you were that way inclined BigFat... :biggrin: North apparently carried on working as a "stunt butt" even after stopping making those films. He just loved it too much!OTE]

...I always thought he was straight??! ....wasn't he the guy who had like 500 women a year or something?...oh well...let me scrub him from the list then....:biggrin:
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